Beku Gelato, Brunswick East

A modest little pale blue shop in Brunswick East produces some very special gelati. Gelati with the flavours of South-East Asia, with few concessions to Western tastes. Beku – it means ‘frozen’ in Bahasa Indonesia – has some sublime gelati, bringing back fond memories of a long-ago time on our travels through Malaysia and Indonesia. Continue Reading

Gelato al Mare, Inverloch

All seaside towns should have a great gelateria. A place where you can relax over a gelato made from fresh natural ingredients, sit in a sunny spot, or take a gelato on casual stroll while wondering if the time is ripe for a seachange. Gelato by the sea, or in Italian, Gelato al Mare. Continue Reading

Lagom Gelateria, Brunswick

What do you get when you mix the Swedish concept of ‘lagom’ with Italian gelato? Being an admirer of many things Swedish, plus memories of some wonderful travel experiences in a time long-ago before lockdown, I was super keen to find out how Lagom Gelateria combines Swedish sensibility with Italian passion.

While the foundation for this Brunswick gelateria is based on traditional Italian techniques and recipes, the creative process for developing new and interesting flavours is guided by the principle of ‘lagom’ – everything being in balance, or in moderation. Continue Reading

Allora Gelato, Preston

To see how the locals really eat, visit a market. And Preston Market is a perfect example. Fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, cheeses and cakes, it has everything anyone would want. Including a lovely little gelateria, Allora Gelato.

Relaxing with a gelato is a great break from the hurly-burly of the market. And the benches just outside Allora provide a welcome spot for a brief respite. Continue Reading

Little Sky Gelato, Brighton

Attention to every detail. Now that’s the hallmark of a true artisan. In the case of gelato, artisan makers craft their product from raw natural ingredients, fine tuning the base and flavours, guided by their deep knowledge of food chemistry to turn milk and sugar, fruit and nuts into the treat we love.

Max from Brighton’s Little Sky Gelato is such an artisan. He makes his gelati on-site, fresh each day from quality all-natural ingredients. Victorian milk from Schultz Organic Dairy and Gippsland Jersey cream. Free range eggs. Fresh seasonal fruits. Fair trade products – including chocolate and vanilla. Definitely no pre-mixes, preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours.  And storing the gelati in shiny lidded pozzetti, to retain freshness and flavour. Continue Reading

Geloso Gelateria, Queen Victoria Market

We love catching up with the news from our gelato friends. And the big news from the lovely Jaz at Geloso Gelateria is her latest flavour: salted pistachio gelato.

The Queen Victoria Market is a superb location for this family-run gelateria, backed by four generations of Sicilian gelato-makers. Early each morning Jaz checks out the market stalls for the best seasonal produce. Anything at the peak of ripeness – mangos, strawberries, watermelon, whatever looks good on the day – is turned into gelati, all made daily on-site in small batches. Continue Reading