Kaffee Eis, TSB Bank Arena, Wellington

Strolling along Wellington’s harbourside on a great day is just magic. Sunshine, gentle breeze across the water. That seaside air calls out for some gelati and at the waterfront, tucked into the back of the TSB Bank Arena, is Kaffee Eis.

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Gelissimo @ Freyberg, Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington on a good day is a fantastic place. And this was a very good day. Brilliant sunshine, a light refreshing breeze – quite a contrast from the storms during my last visit in the middle of winter. It was glorious strolling along the waterfront to Oriental Bay, but by the time I reached Freyberg Beach I was in need of some gelato refreshment from Gelissimo @ Freyberg.

Freyberg Beach was packed with locals exposing pale bodies to the summer sunshine and splashing around in the water. I didn’t think it was quite that warm, but clearly Wellingtonians are made of hardier stuff, keen to enjoy the sunny day.

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Giapo, Auckland, New Zealand

The traditional scoop (or three) of gelato into a cone or a cup does not give a lot of opportunity for artistic expression. Auckland-based Giapo is one of a new breed of gelaterie that are taking gelato to a whole new level. Is this simply style over substance? Or does the eating experience justify the extra effort? Read on… Continue Reading

Gelissimo, Wellington, New Zealand

On a midwinter visit to Wellington I was keen to try the highly recommended Gelissimo. Even despite an icy southerly gale bringing some of the worst weather seen all winter. However I was well prepared for the chilly weather, so once wrapped up in my coat and scarf I headed out to tackle the elements.

I like Wellington. The harbour setting is spectacular. There are great cafés and restaurants. The botanical gardens have glow worms. And Te Papa, the national museum, is always worth visiting.

Gelissimo, my gelato destination, is on the waterfront, close by Te Papa. It’s a brilliant location in summer, but when I visited it was blustery, grey and bitterly cold. No-one was sitting at Gelissimo’s outside tables. Even though it was the middle of the school holidays, the crowds weren’t venturing far from the warmth of Te Papa. Continue Reading