There’s something special about gelato. The beautiful flavours. The dense, creamy texture.

On our very first trip to Italy we ate gelato every single day. Not a habit we continued back in Melbourne, however over the past couple of years a new artisan gelateria seems to pop up every second week. And we have done our very best to sample most of them.

Venice - the classic photograph [Source: Gelido]
The classic Venice photograph from our first trip to Italy
In Melbourne we are spoilt for choice: ranging from traditional Italian, to wacky flavour combinations (ciao Gelato Messina!), to science labs creating magic with liquid nitrogen.

Even with so many new establishments, a veteran of the Melbourne gelato scene told us that gelato has never been so popular.

We’ve spoken with makers passionate about their art and we’ve eaten some amazing frozen treats.

And when we travel further afield, we have found fantastic gelaterie in even the most unexpected places.

So why not write about our gelato adventures?

A scoring system is a regrettable necessity. Without one, how can we identify which gelaterie are the best of the best?

We rate gelato based on taste, structure (density and texture) and presentation. Our rating also takes into account service, ambience and finally we throw in a “wow” factor.

This system is to some degree subjective, however it is our honest opinion, based on our experiences during our visit.

Our rating: outstandingOutstanding. Worth travelling across town.

Our rating: excellentExcellent. We would be extremely happy if this was our local gelateria.

Our rating: goodGood – if nearby, will more than satisfy a sudden craving for decent gelato.

Our rating: satisfactorySatisfactory, but we’d rather be eating artisanal gelato based on fresh seasonal produce.

Our rating: life is too shortLife is too short – far better to indulge elsewhere.