Buco, Shanghai, China
By our guest writer Benny

Blink and you’ll miss it!

A common enough warning, but a very real one when heading for the aptly named Buco – or “hole” in Italian. Just a tiny hole-in-the-wall servery largely hidden by the expansive front of a classy modern Italian bistro, Gemma. Alternatively, you can order Buco gelati from Gemma’s bar. Continue Reading

Gelato Dal Cuore, Shanghai, China
By our guest writer Benny

One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever come across is to always eat the local food when travelling. I have added one important detail – ‘local’ includes any significant immigrant population, such as the many that have established themselves around Australia, enhancing our culinary landscape with incredible variety.

So you would have to ask why – on a Benny family trip to China – I would be looking for gelato? We had already been greatly disappointed when we indulged the youngest family member’s desire for Italian food, misled by the wall covered with ‘reader’s choice’ awards. But here I was, in Shanghai, searching for Gelato Dal Cuore (“gelato from the heart”). Continue Reading