Meno Zero Gelato and Dessert Bar, Dromana

We love to eat gelati anywhere, anytime, but there seems to be an extra special affinity between gelati and the seaside. And after a rather bracing walk with the dog along the Bay Trail from Safety Beach, we were looking forward to some great gelati from Meno Zero Dromana.

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Chill Gelato, Mount Martha

Winter is a quiet time in many of our seaside towns and Mount Martha is no exception. Despite the clear and sunny day, it was bitterly cold, but Chill Gelato was still open for business!

Chill has a modest little shop in Mount Martha village, just across the road from the beach. Out in front of the shop is a sunny spot with tables and chairs – perfect for relaxing with a gelato. A brilliant location in summer, but late on this winter’s afternoon Benny and I seemed to be the only people around. Continue Reading

TuttiFrutti Artisan Gelato, Mornington

I love the whole 1950s vibe of TuttiFrutti. Hot pink and lime green – now that’s a colour combination you can’t ignore. Vintage knick-knacks. Neon ice cream sign. And the mural of the gorgeous 1950s pin up girl.

It had been almost two years since I last visited TuttiFrutti. That was on a hot day at the height of summer and the queue for gelato stretched along the street outside. TuttiFrutti was very, very popular. Continue Reading