Gelato travels: Honolulu, Hawaii
By our guest writer Benny

What is one of the best ways to survive Melbourne’s icy winter? Escape to a tropical paradise! And one of the many pursuits available in Hawaii? Searching for great gelato!

But finding artisanal gelateria in Honolulu proved to be a lot more difficult than you might expect. The local frozen dessert market is dominated by something called ‘shave ice’ – very finely shaved ice drizzled with brightly coloured syrups, often formed into a rainbow pattern. You can’t walk 100m in the famous beach area of Waikiki without going past at least one place serving shave ice. Is it any good? Shave ice is ok and certainly refreshing, but it has none of the great subtleties of artisanal gelato. After all, it’s just ice and syrup.

Thank goodness for the Internet. Targets were identified and I managed to visit two of them – Aloha Gelato and Via Gelato. Continue Reading