Gelato Dal Cuore, Shanghai, China
By our guest writer Benny

One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever come across is to always eat the local food when travelling. I have added one important detail – ‘local’ includes any significant immigrant population, such as the many that have established themselves around Australia, enhancing our culinary landscape with incredible variety.

So you would have to ask why – on a Benny family trip to China – I would be looking for gelato? We had already been greatly disappointed when we indulged the youngest family member’s desire for Italian food, misled by the wall covered with ‘reader’s choice’ awards. But here I was, in Shanghai, searching for Gelato Dal Cuore (“gelato from the heart”). Continue Reading

Lavezzi Gelateria, Carlton

Lavezzi is, hands-down, one of our favourite Melbourne gelaterie. Made fresh every day from raw ingredients, the gelati is everything that gelati should be. Gorgeous intense flavours, beautiful elastic texture. If we ever find ourselves in the outer east, very little arm twisting is required to drop in to Lavezzi Ringwood.  And we have dropped in many, many times.

Gelato and the Lavezzi family have a long history – churning in Italy since 1870. Based in Formia – a city halfway between Rome and Naples – in 2015 the family opened its first gelateria outside Italy in the Town Square part of Ringwood’s Eastland Shopping Centre. Then its second gelateria, in Carlton’s Lygon Street, followed in 2018. Continue Reading

Lemon in Lemon Sorbet, Melbourne

With warm sunny days signalling the end of a cold winter, our thoughts are shifting towards summer fruit. More specifically, fruit-based gelati and sorbetti. And what better way to start spring than to sample the handmade sorbets from Lemon in Lemon Sorbet.

Chris and Laura’s yellow and white striped cart has been popping up at various markets around Melbourne since April 2018, serving up all-fruit based, totally natural, vegan sorbets made from 100% Australian ingredients. The cart holds a small range of flavours from Lemon in Lemon’s repertoire – all lovingly handcrafted from fresh fruit. Continue Reading

48 Flavours, Trinity Gardens

We’d be mighty excited too if a top gelateria opened up around the corner from home, so Benny’s Adelaide relatives were super keen to show us the new Trinity Gardens outlet for 48 Flavours.

The original Gouger Street store near the Central Market is still going strong, but all the gelati is now made at the sparkling new premises at  Trinity Gardens. Originally a bakery, it has heaps of space to churn the gelati for the two stores, as well as for other outlets. The wholesale side of the business is expanding, with 48 Flavours’ award-winning gelati available in other Adelaide locations and – according to Gelido’s network of gelato-lovers – even as far as Darwin. Continue Reading

Sassi Ice Cream, Adelaide

Artisan vegan ice cream with a Middle Eastern twist? Adelaide’s Sassi, a family business launched just six months ago, brings a whole new ice cream experience, rich with aromatics.

This sublime range of seven flavours was devised by dietician and Masterchef 2019 contestant Huda, referencing desserts from her Middle Eastern heritage. Redolent with ingredients such as saffron, tahini, pomegranates, nuts and spices, Sassi’s ice creams are all dairy free and vegan, with a coconut base. No artificial flavours, colours or additives are used and most of the ingredients are organic. Continue Reading

Dolcetti Espresso Bar, Firle

It’s no secret that Dolcetti Espresso Bar in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs has some of the best Italian cakes and gelati in town. This family venture, run by three siblings, celebrates their Italian heritage, with everything made on-site.

It’s a relaxed place, with the friendly servers parcelling up sweet treats for the take-away crowd, while wrangling orders for those eating in.

Dolcetti, or “little sweets”, is well-named. With a huge variety of cakes and biscuits, it would take some time to work through all the options. But we’re totally up for the challenge. Continue Reading