Island Gelato Company, Newmarket, New Zealand

Waiheke Island is a gorgeous spot. Just a short ferry ride away from central Auckland, the island is known for its beautiful beaches and is a great destination for food and wine. Waiheke is also the original home of the Island Gelato Company.

For us Melbournians, deep into our second coronavirus lockdown, Waiheke may as well be on the moon. So stuck at home, there’s plenty of hours to reminisce about a time – was it only a few months ago? – when I travelled over to Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud. And the gelati I enjoyed there. Continue Reading

That’s Amore, Thomastown

We adore the wonderful Italian cheeses from That’s Amore. Luxuriant burrata. Plump bocconcini. Its creamy ricotta and mascarpone are my go-to cheeses for cakes and desserts, making a tangy ciambellone (lemon and ricotta ring cake) or Nigella’s mascarpone-rich Anglo-Italian trifle (a regular request for our family Christmases). Continue Reading

Il Piccolo Gelato, Ballarat

No trip to Ballarat is complete without calling in at Il Piccolo Gelato. One of our favourite gelaterie, creating awesomely good small batch artisan gelato fresh each day.

In a pre-lockdown world back in March, we were free to motor up to Ballarat for a long weekend away from home. First, a long leisurely lunch at Meigas – a superb authentic Spanish restaurant, bringing back very fond memories of food we enjoyed so much in Madrid many years ago. And not one, but two visits to Il Piccolo. Continue Reading

Miinot Gelato, Pascoe Vale South

There are some lucky Melbournians who live close to Miinot Gelato. Not us. We need to travel a long distance across town to visit this tiny all-white shop which is, hands down, one of the top gelaterie in Melbourne.  

And so, in the face of a looming lockdown due to COVID-19, we took what could be our last chance – until the pandemic is behind us – to enjoy some of Miinot’s magnificent gelati. Continue Reading

Buco, Shanghai, China
By our guest writer Benny

Blink and you’ll miss it!

A common enough warning, but a very real one when heading for the aptly named Buco – or “hole” in Italian. Just a tiny hole-in-the-wall servery largely hidden by the expansive front of a classy modern Italian bistro, Gemma. Alternatively, you can order Buco gelati from Gemma’s bar. Continue Reading

Gelato Messina, Fitzroy

The best part of last year’s make-over of Messina’s Melbourne flagship store? Gelato Messina Fitzroy now has pozzetti! For any gelati fan, this is very exciting news. Continue Reading