Meno Zero Gelato and Dessert Bar, Dromana

We love to eat gelati anywhere, anytime, but there seems to be an extra special affinity between gelati and the seaside. And after a rather bracing walk with the dog along the Bay Trail from Safety Beach, we were looking forward to some great gelati from Meno Zero Dromana.

One of our favourite gelaterie is Doncaster’s Meno Zero, so our day trip down to the Mornington Peninsula was a perfect time to check out its second gelateria.

Cookies and cream gelato, paired with gianduiotto gelato from Meno Zero Dromana.
A super generous serve of cookies and cream gelato, paired with gianduiotto gelato.

Meno Zero is an offshoot of the Zero95 pizza bar, home of the 2016 world champion margherita pizza. The guys behind Zero95 expanded to Dromana just before Christmas, reserving a small corner of the premises for a second Meno Zero gelateria.

We had worked up quite an appetite from our walk, so it was lunch at Zero95 first, before we started on gelati.

Our spot was outside, at one of the sunny tables on the footpath. The dog was happy – he had room to stretch out, a crunchy treat and a bowl of water courtesy of our friendly waitress. That walk had been thirsty work.

Tender grilled octopus from Zero95.
Tender grilled octopus from Zero95.

Benny and I shared a large serve of grilled octopus followed by a San Daniele pizza. The octopus was melt-in-the-mouth tender, served on a bed of pureed potato and accompanied with a rocket salad. It is a simple dish, but done exceptionally well.

San Daniele is a classic pizza – topped with San Marzano tomatoes, San Daniele prosciutto, buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto. As Benny said, how can you improve on perfection, and that pizza was just brilliant.

San Daniele pizza from Zero95.
Our San Daniele pizza, topped with San Marzano tomatoes, San Daniele prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella.

Unlike the original Meno Zero, there is no huge range of glamourous cakes at Dromana. Just the gelati, although the desserts on the Zero95 menu run to a chocolate and vanilla semifreddo as well as a gelati tasting plate of four mini-cones. Or if you were feeling particularly indulgent, Nutella pizzas and Nutella donuts.

We wanted gelati, and definitely not mini-cones. Proper full-sized cones with two scoops.

Meno Zero had around 20 flavours in the freezer cabinets, with dairy and non-dairy (vegan) options. Served in cups, cones or tubs to take away. All the gelati is made on-site, from fresh ingredients.

Fruity sorbetti from Meno Zero Dromana – passionfruit paired with lemon.
Fruity sorbetti – passionfruit paired with lemon.

Benny’s choice: cookies and cream, paired with gianduiotto – a mix of dark and milk chocolate plus hazelnut.

I went fruity sorbetti, with one scoop of passionfruit and one of lemon. Intense fruit flavours, beautiful creamy textures and very generous serves.

We also sampled several of the other flavours – special mentions for the hazelnut and the strawberry.

The building housing Meno Zero Dromana.
Unexpected touches of art deco atop Meno Zero.

Our rating: outstanding

Outstanding artisan gelati, the perfect finish to a great meal at its sister establishment, Zero95.

Meno Zero Gelato and Dessert Bar
199-201 Point Nepean Road
Dromana Vic 3936

T: (03) 5981 9186

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