Cosi Duci, Ivanhoe

Established in 1965, Cosi Duci has been keeping the population of Ivanhoe happy for many years. Melbourne has a few quiet neighbourhood achievers like Cosi Duci that have been churning small-scale gelati for ages. They may not be big on social media, but that sort of longevity indicates that they know their market well.

Loads of flavours - both dairy and non-dairy - in Cosi Duci's gelato cabinet.
Loads of flavours – both dairy and non-dairy  – in Cosi Duci’s gelato cabinet.

It’s not a flashy place. Functional. But clearly very popular with the locals – a constant stream of customers kept the friendly servers busy. Every seat was taken, the stools at the long bench along the window as well as the tables outside on the footpath.

Our friendly server, the gelato maker, has been at Cosi Duci for 16 years. He said that all the fruit sorbetti were made from fresh fruit, and the dairy-based gelati were low fat.

All the fruit flavours at Cosi Duci are made from fresh fruit, including the lemon and raspberry sorbets.
All the fruit flavours at Cosi Duci are made from fresh fruit, including the lemon and raspberry sorbetti.

It was a warm day, and both Benny and I were in the mood for something refreshing.

My choice: a traditional lemon sorbetto, which I paired with raspberry. Benny picked mango, complemented with his go-to flavour, coconut.

Going tropical with mango sorbetto paired with coconut gelato.
Going tropical with mango sorbetto and coconut gelato.

All were good flavours, with excellent smooth and elastic textures. Perhaps just a touch on the sweet side for our taste, but that’s just us. If the locals love it, then that’s fine – we can’t argue with that.

Our rating: excellentCosi Duci is a popular little gelateria that has been keeping Ivanhoe locals happy for many years.

Cosi Duci
227 Upper Heidelberg Road
Ivanhoe Vic 3079

T: (03) 9499 6886

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