Gelato Messina, The Star, Pyrmont, Sydney

It was a hot day in Sydney. After two gruelling days at a conference talk-fest, definitely time for a gelato treat. And my closest option – Gelato Messina at The Star.

The growing empire of Gelato Messina now has 11 stores in Sydney, three in Melbourne, two in Queensland and one in Canberra. Plus there is a dairy farm at Numurkah that produces all the milk used in Messina’s dairy-based gelati, a strawberry farm at Dural and a hazelnut farm at Seymour, which is expected to supply all of Messina’s hazelnut needs within five years.

All the stores carry the same awesome array of flavours – 35 regulars and five specials. The specials, typically over-the-top indulgences with equally wacky names, are on the menu for just a week – or until they run out.

With so many flavours, there is likely to be something to suit almost any taste or dietary requirement – vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free.

Blood orange sorbetto paired with passionfruit sorbetto at Gelato Messina
Blood orange sorbetto paired with passionfruit sorbetto at Gelato Messina.

While each store churns its own gelato every day, the flavours are pre-mixed in liquid form and delivered to the stores from “the factory”. Every element is made by Gelato Messina from natural ingredients. No colourings, preservatives or ready-made pastes.

At The Star complex, Gelato Messina is in the Café Court, not far from the Lyric Theatre. The long counter curves slightly outwards into the walkway. A few tables and chairs are off to one side of the counter, but the wide space has plenty of room for both pedestrians and gelato eaters.

It was a quiet time when I visited Gelato Messina, but clearly crowd wrangling is sometimes required.
It was a quiet time when I visited Gelato Messina, but clearly crowd wrangling is sometimes required.

I’ve been to this outlet a couple of times, always during the daytime mid-week. Each time it has been quiet, unlike other Messinas we have visited. However the red velvet ropes in front of the gelato counter suggest that crowd wrangling is required at times.

I was in the mood for fruity sorbetti, however one of the specials sounded mighty tempting. Danny Two Times is yoghurt, orange and poppyseed gelato with pieces of orange cake swirled through. The friendly server gave me a sample – it tasted just like the orange poppyseed cake that I bake at home.

But it was a hot day, and the syrupy citrus delights of Danny Two Times were not enough to lure me away from sorbetti. My pick – blood orange, paired with passionfruit. Awesomely good – great texture, gorgeous fruity flavours, crisp cone. I’ve had a couple of uneven experiences at Messina, but the day’s sorbetti were perfect.

Our rating: outstandingDevising bold new flavours every week is a fantastic achievement, yet Gelato Messina also creates excellent traditional gelati and sorbetti. Friendly service, great product, all natural ingredients.

Gelato Messina
The Star Café Court
Level G/80 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009

T: (02) 9571 1918

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