Pagoto Gelato & Waffle House, Oakleigh

Pagoto has moved! Our favourite place for Greek-style gelato is now slap bang in the middle of Eaton Mall – right in the centre of the Oakleigh dining action.

Our friendly hosts, Gerry and Netka, now have a much smaller space than the old place in Portman Street. But Gerry still makes all the gelati onsite, at the back of the store, and they still whip up fresh waffles. At the time of our visit, there was only room for 16 gelato flavours on display, but a new freezer cabinet was on its way, which will provide heaps more choice.

Chocolate gelato paired with pistachio at Pagoto.
Chocolate gelato paired with pistachio at Pagoto.

No seating inside, but seating in Eaton Mall will be coming (awaiting permits).

Pagoto – which is Greek for ice cream – produces all the usual gelato flavours, using top quality ingredients. But unique to Pagoto are its traditional Greek flavours. Like watermelon and fetta (awesomely good), chocolate baklava, galaktobouriko, and visino (gorgeous sour cherry).

Just one of the Greek-style gelato flavours available at Pagoto - chocolate baklava.
Just one of the Greek-style gelato flavours available at Pagoto – chocolate baklava.

And like any good gelateria, Pagoto’s menu changes regularly, highlighting an extensive repertoire of flavours.

The gelato comes in cups or cones, as well as tubs to take away. Or on top of those freshly made waffles for an extra indulgence.

Ekmek gelato at Pagoto.
Ekmek is a traditional Greek dessert. Pagoto’s version has layers of vanilla gelato between kadaifi, topped with pistachios and sprinkled with honey.

Benny chose ekmek. This is a traditional Greek dessert with layers of cream between kadaifi (shredded pastry), topped with pistachios and drizzled with honey. Gerry has substituted his vanilla gelato for the cream, and Benny loved it – definitely the star flavour of the day.

I adore Pagoto’s mastiha (mastic), but felt obliged to check out some of the non-Greek flavours for a change. My pick was pistachio gelato paired with a dark chocolate sorbet. All good, but next time I’m going back to the Greek specialties.

Serving happy customers at Pagoto.
Serving happy customers at Pagoto.

Our rating: excellentPagoto’s forté: its Greek-style flavours – we love them! Excellent gelato and super friendly service – always happy to return.

Pagoto Gelato & Waffle House
7-9 Eaton Mall
Oakleigh Vic 3166

T: 0418 301 333

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