Nice Guy Eddie Gelato, Heidelberg Heights

#always2scoops! Nice Guy Eddie’s hashtag catchphrase is very close to our hearts.

The three chaps behind Nice Guy Eddie come with some mighty impressive industry credentials. So it’s hardly surprising that the Eddies have a very serious commitment to artisan techniques and high quality ingredients. Anyone who can discuss the relative merits of vanilla beans from Madagascar versus Papua New Guinea gets our tick of approval.

This tiny gelateria has only known life under COVID, opening in February 2021. And judging by the steady stream of customers during our visit, it has deservedly become very popular.

With small batch processing and over 80 flavours in Nice Guy Eddie’s repertoire, the contents of the gelato cabinet are always changing. Around 18 flavours at any time, with both dairy and non-dairy (vegan) options. Served in cups, cones or tubs to take away, plus shakes and smoothies.

Chocolate gelato paired with fruits of the forest from Nice Guy Eddie.
Chocolate gelato paired with fruits of the forest.

If you hankered after something savoury before indulging in gelato, Nice Guy Eddie has some fine-looking breakfast and lunch options. And barista-made coffee from Axil Coffee Roasters (this is Melbourne, of course there will be coffee).

But our focus, as always, is gelati. And the Eddies’ gelati is everything that you could wish for. Incredible silky smooth texture, gorgeous flavours. Brilliant.

The classic combination: pistachio gelato with lemon sorbetto from Nice Guy Eddie.
The classic combination: pistachio gelato with lemon sorbetto.

The classic combination of pistachio gelato with lemon sorbetto is a standard test for any gelateria, and Nice Guy Eddie passed with flying colours. The lemon is so creamy you would assume that it had a dairy base, but no, it is a dairy free sorbetto – the mark of gelato excellence. The pistachio was equally good, enhanced with a subtle sprinkling of actual pistachios.

Benny chose chocolate gelato, which he paired with fruits of the forest – a swirled mixture of mango, strawberry and lemon. A great match.

The Eddies are also very proud of their jaffa sorbetto – made with 60% chocolate. Definitely a highlight for us dark chocolate tragics, with a touch of bitterness from the dark chocolate offset by zingy orange freshness.

Gorgeous jaffa sorbetto from Nice Guy Eddie.
Gorgeous jaffa sorbetto from Nice Guy Eddie.

Expansion plans for Nice Guy Eddie are in the pipeline. If the Eddies’ started up a second gelateria closer to Gelido’s home base, we’d be extremely happy!

Our rating: outstanding

Outstanding gelati, made using artisan techniques and quality ingredients. Totally worth the trip to Heidelberg Heights – we’ll be back again soon to sample more of the Eddies’ gelati.

Nice Guy Eddie Kitchen and Gelateria
2/1 Orr Street
Heidelberg Heights VIC 3081

T: (03) 8528 2175

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