Limonetto Gelati, Docklands

During a very welcome respite from our super hot summer, we visited an old haunt at Docklands – Limonetto Gelati.

Limonetto has been around for many years, with the current owners taking over from Limonetto’s founder around three years ago. Do they have a family history of gelati? Nup, according to the friendly current owner, they just love ice cream. We can relate to that!

Limonetto's signature lemon sorbetto, paired with hazelnut gelato.
Limonetto’s signature lemon sorbetto, paired with hazelnut gelato.

The dark grey structure – shaped like a gelato cup – perches over the water, and in that tiny space, gelati is made fresh each day, for serving in cups, cones or packs to take away. Real fruit is used for the non-dairy sorbetti. Gelato shakes, coffee and affogato are also available. 

Benny picked a classic pistachio, which he paired with tiramisu. My choice: Limonetto’s signature lemon sorbetto, paired with hazelnut.

Limonetto Gelati - pistachio paired with tiramisu
The classic gelato flavour –  pistachio – paired with tiramisu.

Flavours were good, if a little sweet for our tastes. Disappointingly, all the gelati started melting rather rapidly as soon as they hit the cones, suggesting that something isn’t quite right. While this may be understandable on one of those 40+ degree days, it was a very comfortable low 20s.

Limonetto Gelato at Docklands
What a great location for a gelateria!

Our rating: good

With super friendly service, Limonetto’s gelati is fine, but needs a bit of tweaking to be classed as a top quality artisan product.

Limonetto Gelati
35 Newquay Promenade
Docklands Vic 3008

T: (03) 9642 5001

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