Cielo Gelateria, Mill Park

No matter where you are in Melbourne, it seems like great gelato is never very far away. Our latest discovery took us to the outer northern ’burbs to visit the newly opened Cielo Gelateria in Mill Park.

The 2017/18 redevelopment of Westfield Plenty Valley created a very attractive outdoor dining precinct, around ten minutes’ walk from South Morang station. Winding landscaped pathways connect a diverse collection of restaurants, one of which is Cielo (“sky” in Italian). The gelateria’s exterior is clad in burgundy and white tiles, and the inside space is dominated by a huge mural of various gelato-clutching celebrities.

Cielo Gelateria
Cielo Gelateria

There is plenty of seating, both inside and outside, and the friendly servers were happy to assist us in choosing our gelato flavours.

All the gelato is made in-house each day. You can watch the gelato maker at work, through the round windows at one end of the gelateria. But gelato is not the only thing on the menu – there are also cannoli, waffles, shakes and coffee. Not to mention some very luscious looking cakes.

The star of the day: dark chocolate sorbetto paired with coconut gelato from Cielo Gelateria
The star of the day: dark chocolate sorbetto paired with coconut gelato

But our objective was Cielo’s gelato. Around 20 flavours are available, with dairy and non-dairy (sorbetto) options. Cups or cones or tubs to take away. Cielo also has a gelato cart for hire.

Benny’s choice was the undisputed star of the day. A fantastic dark chocolate sorbetto, which he paired with coconut gelato. A great match. DJ is another coconut fan, and chose strawberry sorbetto to complement his coconut gelato. I picked an Italian classic – an excellent pistachio gelato – which I paired with mango sorbetto.

An excellent pistachio gelato with a mango sorbetto from Cielo Gelateria
An excellent pistachio gelato paired with a mango sorbetto.

All had excellent texture, and the flavours were all good, but we felt that the fruit flavours were not quite up to the same high standard as the others. However the servings – either on a cone or in a cup – were enormous. Overall, we thought Cielo’s gelato was excellent value for money.

Our rating: excellentGreat gelato, friendly service and excellent value for money from a newly opened gelateria.

Cielo Gelateria
415 McDonalds Rd
Mill Park Vic 3082

T: (03) 9436 9338

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