Allora Gelato, Preston

To see how the locals really eat, visit a market. And Preston Market is a perfect example. Fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, cheeses and cakes, it has everything anyone would want. Including a lovely little gelateria, Allora Gelato.

Relaxing with a gelato is a great break from the hurly-burly of the market. And the benches just outside Allora provide a welcome spot for a brief respite.

Julian, the proprietor, makes all his gelato onsite, in small batches. Allora’s market stall is compact. Only enough room for a small display freezer, so the flavour menu is quite modest. Just a dozen flavours, but they change every day. Dairy and non-dairy options, served in cups or cones, or tubs to take away. Need something more extravagant? Gelato cakes are available on order.

Pistachio gelato and lemon sorbetto from Allora Gelato.
A classic combination: pistachio gelato and lemon sorbetto.

My choice: pistachio gelato with lemon sorbetto. The traditional test for gelato excellence. And Allora passed with flying colours. The pistachio was smooth and creamy, with the khaki colour of natural pistachio. The lemon sorbetto was awesomely good.

Benny couldn’t resist his favourite flavour – noce di cocco (coconut). And an excellent match for nero modicano, based on a specialty dark chocolate from Sicily.

All were first-rate, and servings were very generous.

Coconut with dark chocolate gelato from Allora Gelato
A super rich dark chocolate – nero modicano – paired with noce di cocco (coconut) gelato.

Our samples of three other Allora flavours – hazelnut, zuppa inglese and spiced pumpkin – were equally good. We’re keen to return for more!

After Julian’s recent acquisition of a gelato cart, watch out for Allora’s gelati popping up in other places. We’ll be checking Allora’s Instagram for locations.

Our rating: outstanding

Excellent gelato, generous serves, friendly service. Allora is definitely a place to visit often, we’d be very happy to work through all of its flavours. Note Allora is open only on market days.

Allora Gelato
Preston Market
19 Mary Street
Preston Vic

T: 0403 283 874

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