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Someone, somewhere must be doing a roaring trade in gelato carts. They seem to be everywhere, at special events as well as more permanent installations. Just like at Chadstone, where St Kilda’s 7apples has a cart.

Every time we visit Chadstone, the shopping centre seems bigger than ever. The dining options are definitely improving. And we appreciate the option of decent artisan gelato for a break while shopping.

It’s a very large gelato cart. A cheery sight – sky blue, with striped awning and shiny domed pozzetti lids. While the cart is fitted with the traditional bicycle mechanism, we reckon the size and weight, fully laden, would be a huge challenge to pedal around.

Gelato is served in cups or cones, or tubs to take away. The cart offers just 12 flavours, which usually includes 7apples’ two most popular flavours: salted caramel and Ferrero Rocher. According to our friendly server, the cart is restocked three to four times a week – all the gelato is produced at 7apples’ St Kilda’s HQ.

Our triple scoop at 7apples: passionfruit sorbet and raspberry pannacotta sitting on top of hazelnut gelato.
Our triple scoop: passionfruit sorbet and raspberry pannacotta sitting on top of hazelnut gelato.

On our recent shopping expedition, business was brisk at the gelato cart. Even though it is the middle of winter, shoppers were keen for gelato.

Benny and I shared a triple scoop, in a cup, served with a wafer. The star was the passionfruit sorbet – fruity and intense, with just the right balance of sweet and acidity. The raspberry pannacotta and the hazelnut gelato were both very good.

7apples gelato cart at Chadstone.
7apples gelato cart at Chadstone.

Our rating: excellentQuality artisan gelato at Chadstone Shopping Centre. 7apples’ gelato cart has a good selection of flavours, all made in St Kilda. Note there is no seating near the cart.

7apples Gelato
Lower Ground Floor
Chadstone Shopping Centre
1341 Dandenong Road,
Chadstone Vic 3148

W: www.7applesgelato.com

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