Gelateria Primavera, Melbourne CBD

Up at the top end of town in Spring Street is a little scoop of gelato heaven. At Gelateria Primavera a combination of traditional techniques and innovative flavours produces some of the best gelato anywhere in Melbourne.

Close by the Princess Theatre, Gelateria Primavera is at the entrance of the Spring Street Grocer, a fine food store with an impressive cheese cellar.

Inside the gelateria a sweep of terrazzo leads to the gleaming marble counter and its rows of lidded pozzetti. The gelato is made fresh onsite each day. No additives, just natural ingredients and seasonal fruit, so the old-style pozzetti containers are used to keep the gelato fresh by reducing its exposure to the air. Continue Reading

Tutto Bene, Southbank

Tutto Bene, or “everything is good”, is an apt description of the meals we have eaten at this Southbank restaurant over the years. We have particularly fond memories of its risotto and I still have blissful dreams about breakfasting on its cornetti ripieni – Italian croissant – filled with funghi misti and stracchiatella.

Tutto Bene makes everything in-house from fresh produce – even baking its own sourdough bread. And naturally that also includes its gelato, which is a key element in some of the restaurant’s dolci (desserts). If you aren’t dining in you can purchase Tutto Bene’s gelato from its gelato counter – one, two or three flavours in cups or cones, or one litre containers to take away. Continue Reading

7apples, St Kilda

Dark purple and bright green – those 1970s throwback colours create a bold atmosphere for enjoying quality artisan gelato. And with four visits over the past nine months, 7apples is definitely on our “happy to return” list.

Artisan gelato is not a new thing for Melbourne – there are a number of quiet achievers that have been around for years and years. Just like 7apples.  Continue Reading