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Artisan vegan ice cream with a Middle Eastern twist? Adelaide’s Sassi, a family business launched just six months ago, brings a whole new ice cream experience, rich with aromatics.

This sublime range of seven flavours was devised by dietician and Masterchef 2019 contestant Huda, referencing desserts from her Middle Eastern heritage. Redolent with ingredients such as saffron, tahini, pomegranates, nuts and spices, Sassi’s ice creams are all dairy free and vegan, with a coconut base. No artificial flavours, colours or additives are used and most of the ingredients are organic.

Sassi's Katayef ice cream is based on a Middle Eastern dessert of cinnamon, crumbled walnuts and orange blossom.
Sassi’s Katayef ice cream is based on a Middle Eastern dessert of cinnamon, crumbled walnuts and orange blossom.

While normally picking two carefully matched scoops for our gelato tastings, we decided on just a single scoop each, to better savour Sassi’s complex and sophisticated flavour profiles. We did try a small sample of everything before deciding on our order.

My favourite: Muhallabia. An awesomely good blend of cinnamon, cardamom and rose water.

Another Middle Eastern dessert is the inspiration for Sassi's Muhallabia ice cream.
Sassi’s Muhallabia ice cream is redolent of cinnamon, cardamom and rose water.

Surprisingly, there is no honey in the Baklawa Dream – the sweetness and flavour come from Arabian honey dates, which also sweeten the Tahini Twist.

The Middle Eastern dessert, Katayef, is the inspiration for another of Sassi’s flavours, which was Benny’s choice. Cinnamon, crumbled walnuts and orange blossom.

Loved the intense golden colour of Saffron Fever, swirled through with crushed roasted almonds.

I was a little disappointed with Sassi’s Mastic Addict – I prefer a more intense mastic hit, although I recognise that it is not to everyone’s taste.

Sassi is a little more expensive than other ice cream, at $7 for a single, generously sized, scoop – Huda uses premium ingredients, plus flavourings like saffron don’t come cheap – but we think it is totally worth it. Even better value are the take-home tubs.

Where can you find Sassi? Their ice cream cart appears at markets and other events, with locations posted on Sassi’s social media.

Our rating: outstanding


Sassi’s gorgeous ice cream is available at selected markets and events, with locations listed on Sassi’s Facebook and Instagram. Not to be missed.

Sassi Ice Cream
Adelaide SA 5000


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