Happy Eats Gelato, Ascot Vale

2020 has been a year for developing our social consciences and getting back to basics. Growing vegetables, baking banana bread, swapping produce with our neighbours and supporting our local communities and businesses. Attitudes and activities that complement the Happy Eats Gelato philosophy.

The gelateria is an offshoot of Ascot Vale’s The Happy Apple, a popular local greengrocer and food store. Looking for a solution to reduce the wastage from discarded fruit and veg, Happy Apple’s founders hit upon the idea of a gelateria – Happy Eats. Produce that is unsold due to being over-ripe, misshapen or damaged is turned into all-natural gelati, juices and smoothies. Plus Happy Eats works directly with local farmers, picking up even more hard-to-sell produce to turn into cold treats.

Mandarin sorbetto paired with almond and cherry gelato from Happy Eats Gelato
Mandarin sorbetto paired with almond and cherry sorbetto.

It’s a happy place. Happy colours – peach and sky blue. Lots of room for socially distanced tables, plus a couple more tables on the footpath outside. Super friendly and happy staff. And that all helps to make happy customers.

All the gelati is made on-site from natural ingredients. Cabinets hold a couple of dozen flavours, including vegan options. The gelati is served in cups or cones, tubs to take away, gelato shakes and cakes. A big range of ultra healthy sounding cold pressed juices is also available. Can’t get to Ascot Vale? Gelato tubs and juices can be ordered online through The Happy Apple

Dairy free coconut sorbetto paired with pear and cinnamon gelato from Happy Eats Gelato.
Coconut is Benny’s go-to flavour, paired here with pear and cinnamon gelato.

Benny picked an excellent pear and cinnamon gelato – smooth and creamy, with a lovely fresh pear flavour offset with just a hint of cinnamon. He paired it with a dairy free coconut sorbetto.

Mandarins are still in season, and I couldn’t pass up the mandarin sorbetto – loved the fresh fruity flavour.  Matched it with almond and cherry gelato – studded with whole (skin on) almonds, and the cherries added a tangy note.

Interior of Happy Eats Gelato.
Visit at the right time and watch the gelati being made at the back of the gelateria.

Our rating: outstandingWe totally support reduction of food waste, and even better if this involves making top quality natural gelati from hard-to-sell produce. Happy Eats is a happy place for happy people.

Happy Eats Gelato
189 Union Road
Ascot Vale VIC 3032

T: (03) 9370 8426
W: www.happyeatsgelato.com.au

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