Gelato Messina, Fitzroy

The best part of last year’s make-over of Messina’s Melbourne flagship store? Gelato Messina Fitzroy now has pozzetti! For any gelati fan, this is very exciting news.

Pozzetti are the traditional way to store gelati. These lidded containers protect the gelati from air exposure, retaining freshness, plus, due to the slightly higher storage temperature, the gelati flavour is enhanced. And the new style pozzetti installed by Messina have glass lids so you can see the gorgeous product.

Opening in 2013, Fitzroy is the first, and the biggest, of Messina’s Melbourne outlets. It has a real Fitzroy vibe – distressed brick walls, curved leather benches, funky local-themed mural.

Messina's most popular sorbetto - salted coconut with mango - with passionfruit sorbetto.
Messina’s most popular sorbetto – salted coconut with mango – with passionfruit sorbetto.

The original Gelato Messina launched way back in 2002, in Sydney’s Darlinghurst. Now there are 12 stores in Sydney, three in Melbourne, three in Queensland and one in Canberra.

Messina is well-known for its huge range of 40 flavours: 35 classics plus five specials. The wacky-named specials are typically totally over-the-top indulgences that are available for only a week or until they run out.

With so many flavours, it is always difficult to choose. More so in peak times when the gelateria is crowded and it is impossible to get a good look at all the gelati options. Regardless, there is something to satisfy almost all tastes and dietary requirements – vegan, egg-free, nut-free, gluten-free – and the friendly servers are happy to provide advice (and samples).

While each store churns its own gelati fresh each day, the flavours are pre-mixed in Messina’s Sydney factory and shipped out to all the stores. Everything is made from fresh ingredients – no pastes, no colourings, no preservatives. All the milk used in Messina’s dairy-based gelati comes from its own herd of Jersey cows at its Numurkah farm. Strawberries come from Messina’s Dural strawberry farm and a hazelnut farm at Seymour is being developed. Messina even makes its own chocolate from cocoa butter and cocoa mass imported from Ecuador.

The gelati is available in cups, cones or tubs to take away. Amazing gelato cakes can be ordered and mini versions – single serves – are available in the Fitzroy store. You can even buy bottles of milk sourced from Messina’s Jersey cows.

Foxy Cleopatra gelato – a Messina weekly special – paired with raspberry sorbetto.
Foxy Cleopatra gelato – a Messina weekly special – paired with raspberry sorbetto.

Regular readers will know that coconut is Benny’s all-time favourite flavour. And at Gelato Messina he is spoilt for choice, with coconut being a key element of four of the 35 classics. This time he chose salted coconut and mango – Messina’s most popular sorbet. Benny paired it with a zingy passionfruit sorbet. Both vegan, both awesomely good.

My pick was one of the weekly specials – Foxy Cleopatra. A yoghurt coconut gelato with mango salsa swirled through. Utter bliss. I paired it with a classic raspberry sorbetto – gorgeous.

Distressed walls, funky mural, definitely a Fitzroy vibe at Gelato Messina Fitzroy.
Distressed walls, funky mural, definitely a Fitzroy vibe.

Our rating: outstanding

Friendly service, great product, all-natural ingredients and huge choice of flavours. Gelato Messina Fitzroy is very popular – there can be long queues at peak times.

Gelato Messina
237 Smith Street
Fitzroy Vic 3065

T: (03) 9417 0488

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