Pelligra Cakes, Greensborough

Pelligra Cakes is an institution in Greensborough. Since 1985 this Sicilian pasticceria and café has been baking all sorts of Italian dolci – cannoli, biscotti, bomboloni. They also do amazing celebration cakes as well as some Anglo favourites – like giant yo-yos and Neenish tarts.

But Benny and I were bypassing the baked goodies for Pelligra’s house-made gelato.

A rainbow assortment of macarons
A rainbow assortment of macarons.

It’s a family run business. The café side of the operation does breakfast and lunch, and is clearly very popular with locals. It is a friendly, welcoming environment. Warm exposed brickwork, lots of table seating and a few more tables outside on the footpath.

A few months ago Pelligra’s founder handed over the gelato-making to his son David. New flavours are being tested. On our visit, in the middle of May, there were just a dozen flavours, but in summer there is more demand for gelati and so the gelati menu is a bit more extensive.

As David was twirling and swirling our cones of gelati, the quality was obvious. There’s nothing quite like the amazing elasticity of great gelati.

Pistachio gelato paired with lemon sorbetto at Pelligra Cakes.
Pistachio gelato paired with lemon sorbetto at Pelligra Cakes.

I chose two classic flavours: pistachio paired with lemon. Both were excellent, with gorgeous velvety textures. The colour of Pelligra’s pistachio was the ideal brownish colour (bright green is a give-away that artificial colours are involved). The nut flavours – pistachio and hazelnut – are made with the best quality nut butters.

Tiramisu, Benny’s choice, is one of the new flavours. Creamy mascarpone, sponge pieces and a hint of chocolate. Very good, although Benny thought it would be even better with a touch more chocolate – something that David has already taken on board.

Tiramisu gelato at Pelligra Cakes
Tiramisu gelato at Pelligra Cakes.

The generous serves, at only $3.50 for a single scoop or $5 for a double scoop, were great value for money.

As we left, we couldn’t resist picking up a selection of biscotti to take home. Awesomely good!

Pelligra Cakes, in Main Street, Greensborough
Pelligra Cakes, in Main Street, Greensborough.

Our rating: excellentExcellent gelati, friendly service and great value for money. Plus the added bonus of gorgeous cakes and biscotti. We’ll be returning soon!

Pelligra Cakes
71 Main Street
Greensborough Vic 3088

T: (03) 9434 2258

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