Lemon in Lemon Sorbet, Melbourne

With warm sunny days signalling the end of a cold winter, our thoughts are shifting towards summer fruit. More specifically, fruit-based gelati and sorbetti. And what better way to start spring than to sample the handmade sorbets from Lemon in Lemon Sorbet.

Chris and Laura’s yellow and white striped cart has been popping up at various markets around Melbourne since April 2018, serving up all-fruit based, totally natural, vegan sorbets made from 100% Australian ingredients. The cart holds a small range of flavours from Lemon in Lemon’s repertoire – all lovingly handcrafted from fresh fruit.

The sorbets pack a super punchy flavour hit from the underlying ingredients, while avoiding the over-sweetness of too much sugar.

A super tangy lemon sorbet, paired with a fresh orange and raspberry sorbet.
A super tangy lemon sorbet, paired with a fresh orange and raspberry sorbet.

The signature lemon sorbet was a no-brainer for me, striking just the right note of citrus sourness. I paired it with another Lemon in Lemon classic: orange and raspberry. A lovely mix.

Benny also chose two of the classic flavours. Mandarin was super strong, which was offset by the much milder strawberry and lime.

We sampled a couple of other flavours. Avocado and mint – gorgeous green colour and intense flavour from fresh mint leaves, with the avocado providing a creamy texture. And a new flavour, Lemon Cheezecake. Despite the name, no dairy is involved – just all sorts of unexpected natural elements to give that cheesecake taste.

Mandarin sorbet, paired with strawberry and lime sorbet from Lemon in Lemon.
Mandarin sorbet, paired with strawberry and lime sorbet.

The flavours cannot be faulted, although some of the textures were not quite as creamy as great Italian sorbetti. But minor quibbles over texture were totally overcome by those gorgeous fruity flavours. We would be very happy to return for more.

Served in cups, cones or, in a nice touch, lemon skins.

Lemon in Lemon Sorbet
Lemon in Lemon’s gelato cart can be found at events and markets around Melbourne.

Our rating: excellent


Lemon in Lemon’s all-natural sorbets are an excellent treat, ideal for summer-time refreshment.  Find their next event from their website or social media – we will definitely be tracking them down again!

Lemon in Lemon Sorbet

T: 0405 962 036
W: www.lemoninlemon.com.au

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