Geloso Gelateria, Melbourne CBD

The best gelato is made from all natural ingredients – real fruit, real nuts. And what better place to find a ready source of gelato inspiration than Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. The newly opened Geloso Gelateria is right in the middle of the market and takes full advantage of all the market has to offer.

Each morning, Jaz checks out the fruit and veg stalls for what looks good. Case of super-ripe mangos? Done. Strawberries at their peak? Easy choice. And so the day’s gelato flavours are chosen.

Tiramisu gelato paired with one of the best strawberry gelati we have tasted.
Tiramisu gelato paired with one of the best strawberry gelati we have tasted.

Jaz makes the gelati on-site fresh each day. Whole hazelnuts are roasted and ground. Fruit chopped. Gelato churned. Tubs filled. And the results? Outstanding.

A gelateria has been a long-held dream for Jaz and her husband, a fourth generation gelatiere (gelato maker). Geloso opened just before Christmas, serving gelato to market visitors ever since. It’s a small stall in F Shed, no room for seating inside. Over the gelato counter is a clutch of rather cute ceramic gelato cone lightshades.

Generous serves keeps customers happy.
Generous serves keep customers happy.

Geloso offers just a dozen gelato flavours, dairy and non-dairy, which change from day to day. They tend towards the uncomplicated – with so many international visitors to the market, many of whom don’t speak English, sticking to flavours that are easily illustrated by pictures or the raw ingredients is a definite advantage.

The gelato is available in cups or cones, or tubs to take away. You can also get an affogato and, on the right day, freshly made cannoli.

Coconut gelato from Geloso Gelateria.
Coconut gelato from Geloso Gelateria.

This was Benny’s second visit to Geloso – he was mighty impressed with his cone of gianduia (chocolate hazelnut) from his first visit, so was very keen to return. Geloso roasts and grinds the hazelnuts (no pastes are used), and the end result was truly special – definitely one of Geloso’s star flavours.

On his latest visit he picked coconut gelato. Made from fresh coconuts, so Benny was very happy.

Cheesecake gelato and mango sorbetto from Geloso Gelateria.
Cheesecake gelato and mango sorbetto from Geloso Gelateria.

I chose cheesecake gelato, paired with mango sorbetto. It was a great combination, and both flavours were excellent.

Also excellent were the tiramisu, passionfruit sorbetto, lemon sorbetto and strawberry – the latter was one of the best strawberry gelati we have sampled.

A gelato cart and a cannoli cart are also available for hire.

Geloso Gelateria is just a small stall at Queen Victoria Market.
Just a small stall at Queen Victoria Market.

Our rating: outstandingOutstanding gelato made fresh each day from all natural ingredients. Geloso is only open on market days (closed Monday and Wednesday), but is open for the Queen Victoria Night Market during summer.

Geloso Gelateria
Queen Victoria Market
F Shed, Shop 5
Queen Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

T: 0405 719 533

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