48 Flavours, Adelaide

By our guest writer Jonah

Leaving for a three-week winter holiday in South Australia, we were not surprised to be presented with a list of gelaterie to check out. And told if we visited only one, it absolutely had to be Adelaide’s award winning 48 Flavours.

Decorated in gelato-themed colours, the open-fronted shop is just a stone’s throw from the Adelaide Central Market, in the middle of Adelaide’s dining hot-spot. 48 Flavours’ signature logo is made up of 48 brightly coloured discs – and there were indeed 48 flavours in display, in two large cabinets.

Several of the flavours highlighted traditional Asian ingredients –  such as green tea, yuzu, lychee and durian – which made sense given 48 Flavours is just around the corner from Adelaide’s Chinatown. Those we sampled were all excellent, with my standout being taro and coconut, which was a delicate mauve in colour.

Despite being the second day of winter, there was a constant stream of customers, all in search of the perfect gelato.

Vanilla paired with white chocolate hazelnut from 48 Flavours.
Vanilla paired with white chocolate hazelnut with a green tea infused waffle cone from 48 Flavours.

Robyn claimed not to be in the mood for gelato (gasp!), but changed her mind on tasting her first sample. She paired vanilla with white chocolate hazelnut, in a green tea infused waffle cone. She declared that both flavours were awesome, and the vanilla was possibly the best vanilla she had ever tasted.

Blood orange sorbet paired with black magic gelato in a standard waffle cone.
Blood orange sorbet paired with black magic gelato in a standard waffle cone.

My pick: a standard waffle cone with a combination of blood orange sorbetto and black magic – a rich dark chocolate with a distinct rum flavour, evoking childhood memories of Christmas and my mother’s rum balls. The blood orange? Perfection in gelato, both taste and texture.

It is no surprise to us that 48 Flavours won the People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Gelato World Tour event in Rimini, Italy.

Our gelatos were $6.90 each for two generously sized flavours in a waffle cone. Gelato is also served in cups or take away tubs, and the menu includes milkshakes and smoothies.

The heart of the gelato action at 48 Flavours.
The heart of the gelato action at 48 Flavours.

Our recommendation: when dining at any of the restaurants and eateries around the Adelaide Central Market, don’t order dessert. Head straight for 48 Flavours for the perfect finish to any meal.

Our rating: outstandingIf you only have the opportunity to visit one gelateria in Adelaide, make it 48 Flavours. Outstanding gelato – not to be missed.

48 Flavours
78 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000

T: (08) 8211 6180
W: www.48flavours.com.au

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